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Bigg Boss 12 Eviction Today – Bigg Boss 12 is started from 16th of September 2018. Bigg Boss is the most watched reality TV Show in India & I think we all know that. The closeness of reality that is presents through its show format is incredible & worth watching it. This is the main reason why this show is receiving so much of love from the Indian audience. Due to this success rate the bigg boss franchise manages to publish a total of eleven season till 2018 & now this year is the twelfth season of Bigg Boss.

Every year our known TV faces & now even unknown people from the common man enters to the bigg boss house. We all vote our favourites & one of them becomes the bigg boss winner & receives the Bigg Boss winner prize money. Now we are all fully familiar with the format of the show but the team behind the bigg boss manages to surprise us by introducing different twist & turns in the house.

We already covered all the information about bigg boss season 12 in our previous posts. In this post we are going to talk about bigg boss 12 eviction today. 

So not wasting any time let’s start……

Bigg Boss 12 Eviction Today

Watch Bigg Boss 12 Eviction Today

If you are on this page then surely you are die hard fan of bigg boss like us. Well we also understand your needs & providing you all the latest information, latest promos of bigg boss 12 on this page as well as through our several posts. The most suspenseful and awaiting day of bigg boss 12 is the bigg boss 12 eviction today. We always want to know about the bigg boss eviction today, that out of contestants who are in the danger of elimination – who is going out of the house due to less amount of votes.

Who is getting evicted is the most trending question of saturdays & sundays. Salman Khan announces & gives the answer of bigg boss eviction today saying that, “the person or the Jodi who is getting evicted today is……………….

Bigg Boss 12 Eviction

On this page we will let you know everything about bigg boss 12 eviction details along with the names of contestant who is getting evicted today.

For the survival of the housemates bigg boss gives bigg boss 12 luxury budget task each week. Performing that task gharwaale receives the luxury budget points through which they can but their ration for the whole week. After the task is done & luxury budget points are announced bigg boss asks the housemates to decide and give names of the contestants who performed worst in the bigg boss luxury budget task by majority.

Every gharwaala gives the name of contestants (Singles & Jodi) according to their prospective & at the end housemates who receives the maximum number of votes will be nominated for the elimination. After that gharwaale go to the confession room one by one & gives the name of two contestants who they want to eliminate. This is the whole procedure of bigg boss 12 nominations voting. After the total counting bigg boss announces the name of housemates who are being nominated for the bigg boss 12 evictions

Big Boss 12 Eviction Tonight

Bigg Boss Eviction Today

We all know that & even makers of the bigg boss show accepted that bigg boss 12 eviction today is the day which earns highest rating & TRP for the show. Although some people who are unable to watch the bigg boss 12 episodes online or offline due to several reasons search for the names of housemates who are evicted from the bigg boss house.bigg boss voting

So to make it more simple for you and to maintain the level of entertainment we are adding bigg boss eviction today & bigg boss 12 nominations on this page. In addition to that we are also updating the names of bigg boss 12 evicted contestant names. Bigg boss 12 nomination updates, bigg boss 12 eviction list, bigg boss 12 elimination on the same page. Isn’t it helpful for you?

Bigg Boss 12 Contestants List

bigg boss 12 contestants list

Bigg Boss 12 Nominations of this week?

Week wise evicted housemates list:

1st Day – Surbhi ( Update 30th September 2018-Back in the show by 1st wild card entry along with Romil) & Mital

1st Week – No Nominations

2nd Week  – Kriti & Roshmi

3rd Week – Nirmal Singh

4th Week – Anup Jalota & SreeSanth (Mid Week Eviction but they are not evicted from the show they are just moved to the Bigg Boss 12 out house to secretly watch other housemates & see their real faces about them. So in directly no nomination took place in the Bigg Boss 12 4th Week. Therefore no contestant is evicted from the show.

5th Week – Updated Soon

Updating Soon as the housemates are evicted from the house.

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bigg boss voting

Bigg Boss 11 All Evictions| Bigg Boss 11 Week Wise Name of Evicted Contestants

Nomination WeeksHousemates Names
1st WeekZubair Khan & Priyank Sharma
2nd WeekShivani Durga
3rd WeekLucinda Nicholas (Ejected)
4th WeekNo Eviction Because of Diwali
5th WeekJyoti Kumari
6th WeekDhinchak Pooja
7th WeekSabhyasachi and Mehjabi Siddiqui
8th WeekBenafsha Soonawalla
9th WeekSapna Choudhary
10th WeekBandagi Kalra
11th WeekNo Eviction
12th WeekHiten Tejwani
13th WeekPriyank Sharma

Who Got Evicted from the Bigg Boss 12 ?

Everyone needs to grasp who is getting evicted in this week either be it fans or the haters i.e. Bigg Boss Eviction Today. Most of the days solely four contestants comes under the range of bigg boss 12 eviction.

Most of the days the one that under-performs is usually evicted however generally, because of the unhealthy relations with different housemates also becomes another reason because of which housemates get nominated for the eviction. As there are almost 15 to 16 people takes place in the bigg boss 12 house. Sometimes they form a group of alliance to save each other. Due to this grouping sometimes even good performer also get nominated for the bigg boss 12 nominations.

The eviction takes place on Sunday when Salman Khan comes on the stage and do some fun further before announcing the Bigg Boss Eviction Today. However, At the top of the show, Salman declares the name of the one that has got to leave the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 12 Live Eviction Today Updates

Contestant NameProfessionNomination Status
Karanvir BohraTV ActorNominated
Sourabh PatelFarmerSafe
Shivashish MishraBusinessmanSafe
Dipika KakarTV ActressSafe
Romil ChaudharyLawyerSafe
Nirmal SinghPolicemanEvicted
Neha PendseTV & Film ActressNominated
Anup JalotaSingerSafe
Jasleen MatharuModel & SingerSafe
Somi KhanCommonerSafe
Saba KhanCommonerSafe
Srishty RodeActressSafe
SreeSanthCricketer & ActorSafe
Roshmi BanikCommonerEvicted
Kriti VermaRoadies ContestantEvicted
Deepak ThakurSinger & ActorSage
Urvashi VaniCommonerSafe
SurbhiRoadies ContestantSafe

How Do I Save my favourite contestants from bigg boss 12 eviction or bigg boss 12 nominations?

The simple answer of this question is you have to vote for them. Because the show almost has the duration of 13-14 weeks. One day or other your favourite contestant will be nominated for the eviction by the housemates or by third parties – like the bigg boss tasks, twist & turns, etc.

So by voting for them is the least you can do to save your favorite gharwaala.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Process?

Bigg Boss 12 voting is very simple & easy. Anyone can vote for their contestant who they want to save.

One of the easiest way you can use for bigg boss 12 voting is voot application. If you are using a smartphone:

  • Go to playstore
  • Search for voot application.
  • Download it & open.
  • Sign in within the application.
  • After signin when you will open the application it will show you three option – bigg boss 12 voting is one them.
  • Click on that option & vote for the contestant that you don’t want get evicted from the show.
  • You can also search bigg boss 12 in the voot application itself.
  • It will show you the bigg boss 12 episodes.
  • There also you will get the option of bigg boss 12 voting.
  • No charges will be deducted from anywhere of yours. It is totally free.

For Desktop

  • If you are using your computer or laptop & want to use the power of bigg boss vote so save your contestant then also you can follow the instruction mentioned above for the desktop also.
  • In your browser search
  • Sign in to the voot.
  • On the homescreen only you will see the bigg boss 12 voting option.
  • Click on that do the bigg boss 12 voting online.

So I am sure that this post helped you to gather the information that you are looking for. More updates are coming. We are constantly updating all the bigg boss 12 latest nominations updates on this page. So never miss one, bookmark for your next visit. Also don’t forget to subscribe & share us to get all the bigg boss 12 eviction updates to your inbox for free.

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